Mark B. Fischer's testimony to the Ohio Board
of Education on March 7, 2000


March 7, 2000

I'm reading a statement of the American Chemical Society, Columbus Local Section. Good Morning. My name is Mark B. Fischer. My family and I live in Upper Arlington, Ohio, and I am chair of the Columbus Local Section of the American Chemical Society. The president of ACS is Dr. Darold Bush, who before moving to the University of Kansas, began his career as a professor of chemistry here at Ohio State University. Dr. Bush regrets that he cannot be here today due to prior commitments. He asked me to present to you his remarks for your deliberation on the Science Competencies for 12th Grade Students.

The American Chemical Society is a non-profit, congressionally chartered scientific and educational association. It is the world's largest scientific society with 161,000 members. More than 6,500 ACS members live and work in Ohio. The National Science Education standards call for teaching a comprehensive and scientifically accepted account of evolution and origins of the universe. The ACS has long supported the National Science Education standards and urges you to consider that guidance in your deliberations about the science education of Ohio school children.

Today we renew our strong support for upholding the integrity of science education. It has never been more important than now that all Americans understand modern views of science and technology. That National Science Education standards present a balanced view of science -- one which embraces learning based on inquiry into all areas of science -- and challenges students to integrate discovery, evaluation, and explanation. The real effect of the Ohio Board's decisions may not be felt until this generation of students reach employment age. As president of the world's largest scientific society, I encourage the Ohio State Board of Education to advance the scientific literacy of Ohio school children by specifically requiring an understanding of evolution and the origin of the universe in it's State 12th Grade Competencies. Thank you.

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