Updates on Ohio HB1 and SB1

Last updated Saturday, June 09, 2012

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  Melanie Elsey keeps close tabs on what's happening with the Ohio State Board of Education, and in the Ohio House and Senate.  One of her primary concerns is what's going on concerning the future of Ohio education.  She has a mailing list that she sends updates to, and we're on that list.  We've obtained her permission to put these updates on our web site when we receive them.

There are currently some interesting things going on with House Bill 1 and Senate Bill one that Ohio parents should be paying close attention to.  The following links contain the information we received from Melanie.

Ohio HB1 and SB1 - 3-1-2001 update  

Ohio HB1 and SB1: 2/24/2001 update

Ohio HB1 and SB1: 2/8/2001 update

HB1_SB1_Concerns.doc Excellent document written by Melanie that gives some background on the policies of the Ohio State Board of Education.

House Bill 1

Senate Bill 1

Background on HB602, HB711 and the OSBE from last year

Please note that HB602 and HB711 were bills that were sponsored in LAST YEARS legislative session.  Neither are active bills today.  We maintain links about them on our web site to give our visitors this important historical information.  This will help explain how we arrived at the point we are today.  Please do not contact your legislatures about HB602 or HB711 because both bills are now OBSOLETE.

Ohio Science Common Expectations and 12th Grade Proficiencies


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