Updates on Ohio HB1 and SB1

February 24, 2001 Update

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  From: LZJOSHUA@aol.com
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 20:59:26 EST
Subject: Briefing material for citizens and legislators on HB1/ SB1
To all: 
Due to the fact that there are a record number of new legislators in the Ohio General Assembly this session, who will not be familiar with the past practices and policies of the Ohio Dept. of Education, I have prepared a notebook binder of material to provide necessary background information for HB1 and SB1.
More than 50 binders have been distributed and will continue to be distributed next week.
I am attaching the document (1) the document to this email in order to give it broader circulation.  There is so much information that legislators need to understand. And, in reality, this notebook is just my attempt at "pushing an elephant through a mouse hole."  It is as brief as I can make a summation of the order of events in recent years.
I have found that in sending this attached file, sometimes the page breaks are lost.  Be sure the pages are lined up properly before printing the document.
Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Elsey

Footnote #1:  This is a Rich Text (RTF) document.  Most word processors can open it just fine.  It's only 63K in size, so it shouldn't take much time at all to download it.

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