Ken Ham's letter regarding the Kansas
school board's decisions on evolution

October 1, 1999

Dear Friend of the Ministry:

There is much, much more behind the recent media blitz about the Kansas school board decision on evolution than meets the eye.

What really happened in Kansas? Most of the secular media, in typical fashion, distorted the story. Even most Christians seemed to have misunderstood what really happened. Headlines incorrectly claimed that evolution had been removed from the science curriculum of public schools in Kansas.

In essence, what really happened in Kansas that the state school board decided that in the state assessment test, students would not be tested on what is defined as macroevolution (i.e., molecules turning into people). Teachers are still free to teach biological evolution - it remains in the curriculum and in the textbooks. But the school board did give guidelines to suggest that teachers distinguish between what scientists can observe and test in the present, compared to things that can not (e.g., evolution).

Well, a furor erupted! The major secular media descended on Kansas (and us). AiG was quoted in major stories printed in the New York Times, Washington Post, in syndicated columns, etc. There were incredible emotional outbursts by evolutionists and humanists. You would think that a disaster of extreme proportions had occurred!

And all because a state school board approved a policy that just placed a small question mark next to evolution, and encouraged instructors to teach students how to think about science. By not including the "molecules-to-man" aspects of evolution in the state assessment test (although natural selection and mutations are to be tested), the school board is sending a signal: that it is not fact that life arose by naturalistic processes from non-life.

As a result, creationists were attacked in the press. As you know, vilifying "the creationists" is in reality an attempt to disguise a real hatred of Christianity. The world scoffs at the Bible and hates God's Word! And they realize that the Kansas decision might open the door for some students to question evolution and thus cause them to reject humanism. Horror of horrors!

The Kansas incident should be a wake-up call to Christians to show them how anti-Christian the culture has become, and how much ground the humanists have taken while the Church has ignored these foundational issues.

Recently a parent was concerned about a PBS-TV program called Arthur that her child had been watching. The child wrote to the producer about some of its evolutionary indoctrination. This is the response she received from PBS:

You are an idiot. You are a moron. You have no (expletive) clue who you're spamming with your foolishness. God is laughing at you.

On one of the secular talk shows where I was a guest, the radio host was most upset that some of the members of the Kansas state school board were Christians/creationists, and that they would dare vote in accordance with their Christian beliefs!

In the New York Times article about the anti-creationist organization NCSE, headed by Eugenie Scott (who I debated on radio last month), the writer states:

But Scott has a powerful slingshot in the form of clergy members who believe in evolution and scientists who believe in God. When a local resident steps up before the microphone at a public hearing, says he is a faithful Christian and also believes in evolution, people are mightily impressed.

This happens much more than you would think! Just recently, I was on a three-hour secular radio program, and the host invited an evolutionary scientist - and a Presbyterian elder - to debate me!

America has become much more anti-Christian than many Christians realize. For the school board in Kansas to see a ruckus just by questioning evolution as fact shows how much the humanist agenda has spread throughout the land.

You see, the creation versus evolution issue is much more than a fight about fossils, the age of the earth, and so on. It's a battle of world-views-Christianity versus Humanism. The reason the secular press flocked to organizations like Answers in Genesis is because they even recognize that this is where the battle is being fought.

Your support will equip us to present the truths of the Bible from its very first verse to our increasingly secular nation. The Bible-defending ministry of AiG is much closer to the front lines in the battle for this culture - and the minds of people - than many realize!

A gift from you will help AiG proclaim the gospel to our needy country!

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Ken Ham
Executive Director
Answers in Genesis

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