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Poll reveals that PBS is ignoring 81% of Americans

A new Zogby poll shows that 81% of Americans believe that PBS should air the scientific evidence FOR and AGAINST evolution.  However, it is our opinion that PBS is likely to continue to ignoring these 81% of Americans until we demand that they start airing programs that are produced by those who have opposing views.   See for details. Some PBS stations have aired token one or two hour "discussion" programs at the end of the Evolution series.  However, this can hardly be considered anything remotely approaching a balanced treatment of the issue.  Real balance would be to air 8 programs produced by those who have the opposing views, then let the audience judge for themselves.  See our link that contains 8 videos we recommend that PBS air to give real opposing views to the Evolution series.  Watch for it in the near future.

"Scouts Equal Access Bill" working its way through Congress

Sign this on-line petition to support the "Scouts Equal Access Bill"

The ‘Feathered Dinosaur’ Find–a brief preliminary report

Whenever a ‘sensational’ news report about some alleged evolutionary find hits the airwaves, we are invariably deluged with questions. This find of a dromaeosaur allegedly ‘covered in feathers’ will be no exception. This preliminary comment is hastily compiled based on the first reports available to us.  For more information, see

Secular College course refutes evolution!

A community college class that openly challenges and refutes evolution is being presented at a secular two-year community college in the western half of the United States. Conducted by an avid Answers in Genesis supporter, the class has now completed its second consecutive term. See

Was Noah a Martian? 

According to a recent report, Noah's Flood actually occurred on Mars—not Earth! Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But a recent New York Times article based on research that scientists have been conducting about the planet Mars suggested, in essence, exactly that!  See

Billion-fold Acceleration of Radioactivity Demonstrated in Laboratory

Up to now, creationist research has summarized evidences of small decay-rate changes, as well as theoretical analyses suggestive of the possibility of more extreme changes in radioactive decay rates (the latter usually dependent upon corresponding changes in fundamental physical constants). Here I report the experimental demonstration of radioactive decay-rate acceleration by an astonishing nine orders of magnitude. It requires special conditions but, in and of itself, no alteration of known physical constants.  See

Comment on 'Land of the Mammoth'  

The presentation of 'Land of the Mammoth' on the Discovery Channel, March 11, was a sequel to the show of last March in which mammoth researchers dug out what they thought was a frozen carcass encased in a block of icy mud.  Here are some opposing views to the programs conclusions:


Evolutionists/media distort the facts in Kansas

For the past year, many in the secular media—joined by liberal activists and "moderates" in the state—misrepresented what happened in August 1999 when the school board approved new science standards, claiming that evolution had been "eliminated" from the state science standards. See Campaign of distortions leads to shake-up of Kansas school board


Christian Law Association issues legal opinion on HB679

This Bill is consistent with the best educational principles and standards, and avoids any controversies about whether or not creationism may or should be taught alongside evolution. The newest evidence developing in various scientific disciplines has nothing to do with God, the Bible or Creation. It is objective scientific data being developed in respected universities and laboratories in America and around the globe. To withhold such cutting edge scientific information from Ohio public school children could border on educational malfeasance. See: Christian Law Association Legal Opinion of Ohio House Bill 679.


Bill says evidence "not supportive" of evolution must be taught!

See Ohio House Bill 679 Mandates evidence "not supportive" of evolution be taught!


Dr. Kevin Haley, Biologist at Central Oregon Community College

Dr. Kevin Haley told AiG that in his classrooms he criticized the theory of evolution by pointing out its difficulties. Nevertheless, this method of instruction led his dean to decide not to renew his contract for the next academic year. The dean's letter to Dr. Haley, however, was not specific at all in its reasons for his dismissal. For more details, see College instructor who refused to teach evolution as fact is dismissed! According to this Legal Opinion from the Christian Law Association, it is quite likely that he was acting well within the law and there was no real legal grounds for his dismissal. This appears to be another example of blatant bigotry in the public schools. How long will this kind of bigotry continue before our citizens and legislatures take firm action to end it?


Fossilized Dinosaur heart doesn't prove they evolved into birds

A four-chambered heart is like that of humans, mammals, and birds. Reptiles alive today have three-chambered hearts. It has long been thought that this is inevitably associated with the fact that reptiles are cold-blooded. So it will now be claimed that this four-chambered heart is certain proof that the dinosaurs were warm-blooded. Others will claim it as showing (in the face of recent spectacular failures and frauds) that birds did evolve from dinosaurs after all. Let's examine those claims. See: Fascinating four-chambered fossil find!


Walking with Dinosaurs series is highly misleading

The "Walking With Dinosaurs" series is being shown on the Discovery Channel in the United States on April 16. These programs, a mix of fact and fiction with a very heavy dose of evolutionary indoctrination, have already been watched by millions (including in Britain), and many more millions of people will see them around the world. Answers in Genesis Ministries Group (AiG) will counter the evolutionary propaganda in this series with their Missionary Lizard Months. See You Don't 'Fit' Dinosaurs With The Bible! and 'Walking with...untruths!'.


Gallup Poll shows alarming trend!

In his testimony to the Ohio Board of Education on March 7, 2000, an evolutionary biologist made this statement:

"One of the other things is just an aside that I heard was an implication that somehow evolution is bad for the morals of your kids. I've got my tie tack on for my youngest son who is an Eagle scout and became one in December. I don't think that his morals have been somehow degraded by having an evolutionist for a father that's been raising him and taking care of him."

This kind of a statement would impress most secular people who measure the quality of someone's character primarily by their moral behavior and/or the "good works" that they've done. Most Christians on the other hand, know that God uses a much different measuring stick. Consider this Bible verse:

¶ But we are all as an unclean [thing], and all our righteousness [are] as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. - Isaiah 64:6

Apart from a saving relationship with our Creator, Jesus Christ, our good works and accomplishments, no matter how good they look to the secular world, are as "filthy rags" to God. I am not suggesting that this particular family does not have a good relationship with God because I know nothing of their religious beliefs. What I am suggesting is that among the most important goals parents should have in training their children is to teach them to have proper respect for the authority and relevance of God's Holy Word, the Bible. Teaching them the Gospel message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and encouraging them to repent of their sins and accept their Creator's free gift of salvation is just as important. But when children are exposed to atheistic evolution, and are not given the opportunity to see the opposing scientific evidence, it can and often does undermine their belief in the accuracy and authority of the Bible. A new Gallup Poll confirms this. See Gallup Poll shows alarming trend!

This point was further driven home to me in an e-mail I received recently from an evolutionist. Here are two excerpts from it that are quite relevant to this Gallup Poll's findings:

"I shall never return to the "fold". If I have "faith" in science it is because the painstaking, rational, and logical efforts of hundreds of scientists and engineers have produce glorious results that I enjoy everyday. Theology has produce nothing of value. I know where I am placing my confidence. "

"Remember, you've lost the war already. God (another non-existent) being, is being pushed further back. Now, many christians really don't believe in genesis. Eventually, more and more people will say that they are spiritual, not religious. Eventually, in centuries, jehova will be as well remembered as mithra. And jesus will be a footnote. The world won't come to any supernatural-caused end. Try some skepticism on for size. You may just find it to be refreshing and eye-opening. Frankly, I hope one or all of your children have a great gift for science. I would find it quite humorous to see the outcome."


Lawsuit file against Ohio Governor and Ohio Board of Education

A lawsuit filed July 30, 1999 in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court asked the court to "declare that the present members of the State Board of Education appointed pursuant to the Appointed Member Provisions of the Budget Act are holding office contrary to law and may no longer exercise the authority of such office." Plaintiffs are challenged the constitutionality of using the state budget [HB 117] in 1995 to expand an 11-member elected board to include 8 members appointed by the governor. The plaintiffs correctly contend that this action granted new power to the Governor to affect education policies and decisions by the board. The State Board of Education had been a completely elected body since its formation in 1956. Full Story


Micro-primates...a transitional form or just heelbone hype?

That evolutionists get so excited about such tiny bits of bone underlines the general lack of transitional fossils, which should be abundant if the evolution story were correct. Where fairly complete fossil skeletons are found, they are clearly not transitional, but where small bits are found and a lot of imagination can be applied, evolutionists are able to see transitional forms. Full Story


Evolutionists afraid to debate Creation scientists

Very few creation vs. evolution debates have been held in recent years compared to the 1970s and 1980s, when hundreds were conducted. Because evolutionary scientists have not fared well in these debates (and even their evolutionary colleagues admit this), if a debate is being considered, evolutionists are more agreeable to participate if the odds can be improved: especially if it's 3 evolutionists against 1 creationist! BBC-TV reveals new evolution debate strategy


Snakes with legs? A preliminary reply

Obviously, our scientists and other researchers need time to digest and evaluate all the relevant material. See Snakes with legs? A preliminary reply.


Teachers' committee makes 'intelligent' choice!

West Virginia is another state where the creation/evolution issue is heating up. Even though the local school board in Kanawha County last December voted down a resolution that would have supported teachers who criticize evolution in the public school classroom, a textbook committee of science teachers recommended on March 15 that school officials purchase copies of a textbook on "intelligent design." It is being suggested as a supplement for teachers (Charleston Gazette, March 16). See Teachers' committee makes 'intelligent' choice!


Answers in Genesis featured on CNN

AiG's many outreaches that uphold the reliability of the Bible from its very first verse were profiled on the CNN-TV newsmagazine "CNN and Time" on Sunday evening March 12. This program--co-produced by "Time" magazine--is CNN's version of the investigative TV broadcast "60 Minutes." Full Story


Sensational Dinosaur blood report

ACTUAL red blood cells in fossil bones from a Tyrannosaurus rex? With traces of the blood protein hemoglobin (which makes blood red and carries oxygen)? It sounds preposterous to those who believe that these dinosaur remains are at least 65 million years old. See Dinosaur blood report.


Pacific Northwest heats up with evolution controversies!

Although the Pacific Northwest of America is often portrayed as a region of "open mindedness" and "toleration," two instructors who refuse to teach evolution as fact are seeing their jobs placed in jeopardy because of the intolerance of evolutionary zealots. For more information, see Pacific Northwest heats up with evolution controversies!.


Kentucky prefers creation model over evolution

As more and more Christians nationwide are getting involved in grassroots efforts to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution in state-supported schools, the issue is heating up in AiG's home state of Kentucky. See Another State For Creation.


National Geographic and the Stone Age Swindle?

The latest in a series of swindles concerning the evolution of man has recently been exposed by the European press. This article reports details not likely to be announced in the popular press and shows that the pattern for this type of deception has been consistent over this past century. See the full story at National Geographic and the Stone Age Swindle?


Feathered dinosaur a hoax

The latest ‘feathered dinosaur’ claim provokes even some evolutionists to use words like ‘total hoax’. See the full story at Archaeoraptor: Phony 'feathered' fossil

Evolution: a history of fraud: Embryonic Fraud Rediscovered
  Ernst Haeckel: Evangelist for Evolution and Apostle of Deceit

'Religious bigotry' in West Virginia?

Almost three months after a controversial resolution was voted down by the Kanawha County school board in West Virginia, three creationists find themselves in another public controversy. See the full story at Religious bigotry in West Virginia?


"I was very consciously trying to get students to bend their religious beliefs to evolution" - Biologist Dr. Gary Parker

"Evolution was really my religion, a faith commitment and a complete world-and-life view that organized everything else for me, and I got quite emotional when evolution was challenged." Dr. Gary Parker's testimony as to how he went from teaching evolution at the college level to being a leading spokesman for Biblical creationism. See the full story at FROM EVOLUTION TO CREATION: A PERSONAL TESTIMONY


Government program helps highlight the fallacy of evolution

Governments are waking up to the need to preserve the ‘wild’ varieties of our food plants, with their rich stores of information. A highly qualified plant scientist tells us how this highlights the fallacy of evolution. For the full story, link to What! ... No potatoes?


Liberals' information about evolution is misleading or ill-informed

There is a lot of discussion going on about evolution and its place in public education. Unfortunately,
much of the information provided by liberals is either ill-informed or deliberately misleading. For
the full story, link to GUEST COLUMN: The Theory of Evolution.


Evolution out of the curriculum, but in the tests

On the heels of the evolution controversy in Kansas, the Kentucky State Education Department
(as reported in the Kentucky Enquirer on January 18) has removed the word "evolution" from its
science guidelines. Click on Evolution out of the curriculum, but in the tests for the full story.


New Monkey Clone?

A news headline proclaimed: ‘Researchers clone monkey by splitting embryo’. But was it really a clone, and what are the implications? For the full story, see New monkey clone?


Chimps as smart as preschoolers?

The Associated Press (AP) reported on January 6 that a chimpanzee "performed about as well as an average (Japanese) preschool child" on similar numerical tests. The female chimp can apparently "remember the correct sequence of 5 random numbers," according to researchers at Kyoto University in Japan. Is this proof of evolution? See Chimps as smart as preschoolers?


From the start, the fix was in

JOHN D. ALTEVOGT, guest columnist for The Kansas City Star says in his column, "My candidate for Kansas story of the year is the absolutely grotesque media coverage of the Kansas State Board of Education's new science standards. And my vote for the worst example of this coverage goes to the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer for its "Evolution Revolution" segment featuring Betty Ann Bowser." This story is an excellent example of the lack of ethics that so often exists in the liberal news media today. For the full article, see: From the start, the fix was in


Wording on Columbine Killers' T-Shirt: "Natural Selection"

The autopsy report for one of the killers at Columbine High School documents that on the day of the tragedy he was wearing black combat boots, a black glove on his right hand, and a white T-shirt with the inscription ‘Natural Selection’ on the front. For more information about this see How to build a bomb -- in the Public School System.


Creation Museum to be built in Ohio

If you've been to COSI here in Columbus, Ohio, you've seen the heavy emphasis there on promoting the false religion of evolution. For those who wish to expose their children to the truth about how the universe came to be, you will soon have a Creationism museum to take your children to right here in Ohio. For the latest information about the new Creation Museum, see this Creation Museum link at Answers in Genesis Ministries International.


Results of 50 surveys on teaching Creationism in public schools

Fifty studies were reviewed that surveyed opinions on teaching origins in public schools. See the whole story at Answers in Genesis Ministries International.


Proof of Noah's Flood at the Black Sea? What has Robert Ballard Really Found?

Read why creation scientists believe that what was found was NOT evidence of Noah's flood. See this link: PROOF OF NOAH'S FLOOD AT THE BLACK SEA?


Support grows for Oklahoma's disclaimer about evolution

On November 23rd, the Oklahoman reported that eight Oklahoma legislators and over 2,000 teachers and church parishioners have signed a document which thanks the state textbook committee for inserting disclaimers about evolution in next year's biology textbooks. See this link for more information: Support grows for Oklahoma's disclaimer about evolution


The Leonid Meteor Shower: Evidence for a young universe!

See this link: The Leonid Meteor Shower: Evidence for a young universe!


Smithsonian Institution refutes the dinosaur-to-bird hypothesis

On October 17, 1999, the Columbus Dispatch printed a story titled, Fossil may exemplify birds' evolution from dinosaurs . In the Dispatch's typical style, only the pro-evolutionary view was allowed in this story. Creationists spoke out against the ridiculous notion that birds evolved from dinosaurs because the Bible clearly says it never happened, and because the hypothesis is supported by junk science. An entire section of our web page is dedicated to responding to the evolution propaganda articles that appear in the Dispatch. In our response to another article the Dispatch ran in support of other unproved evolutionists claims, we echoed what many other creationists have found to be true in cases like this; that eventually other evolutionists would come out in strong opposition to the absurd hypothesis. Well, it happened a lot faster than we expected it, and from a most unexpected source. Read what the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution had to say about the dinosaur-to-bird hypothesis. After reading this article, you might want to ask yourself why didn't the Dispatch seek an opposing view before running the story to begin with? For more information on this topic, we have a whole page dedicated to debunking the dino-to-bird hypothesis.


Creationists witness to Columbine H.S. Students

After the tragedy that occurred at Columbine High School a few months ago, many people started openly speaking about allowing prayer back into the public schools. Realizing that Columbine is among the many thousands of public schools have been poisoned by the false religion of evolution, several creationists decided make a difference in the lives of many Columbine students and faculty. Click here to see the story.

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