E-mail sent to the US Congress concerning
PBS's pro-evolutionism bias

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The following E-mail was sent to some members of the US Congress on September 25.  It will be sent to the rest of them within the next few days.

September 25, 2001

To the Distinguished Members of the United States Congress:

I understand that it is customary to respond to e-mails that originate only from your constituents. But the information I have to share with you is something your constituents are probably not aware of because some if it isn't public knowledge (yet). I am therefore requesting that you please give careful consideration to this request before deciding whether or not to respond.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is currently airing a series called Evolution. In keeping with past tradition at PBS, the programs present only one side of the argument, the evolutionist's. It also grossly distorts the opposing views, and the motives of those who hold them. Many thousands of scientists have presented very compelling arguments both from scientific and mathematical perspectives against evolutionism. However, because of the wall of protection that has been built around evolutionism in the secular public arena (to shield it from all criticism), these dissenting voices are rarely if ever heard on PBS.

PBS is taxpayer funded and as such, they are supposed to be unbiased in the programming they present. They were recently given the opportunity to air three programs that would have presented compelling scientific and mathematical arguments against evolutionism, but they refused to air them. For more information about the programs they censored, why the Evolution series is so misleading, and its significant omissions, see http://Creationists.org/pbsevolutionism.html.

Millions of Americans have indicated in various polls that they have strong doubts about evolutionism (see http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs/4178.asp). All Americans deserve to see the SCIENTIFIC and MATHEMATICAL evidence for and against evolutionism on publicly funded PBS. They do not deserve to continually hear misleading excuses by PBS and others that the only arguments against evolutionism are purely religious. It is especially important that government officials get the opposing views, because government officials and teachers were primary target audiences of the Evolution series.

This issue is something that impacts you directly, especially if you have children who are being misled by the public schools into believing that evolutionism is a well proven theory. Please review some of the critiques of the Evolution series to see for yourself the significant omissions and misleading ideas it presented (at the first link referenced above). I think you will conclude that PBS has a clear agenda to protect evolutionism, and to censor anything that could undermine it. I believe this will continue forever until those who have the authority to change things (Congress, the President, etc.) get involved and start forcing the issue. With your help, we may be able to turn PBS back into an organization that is a model for free speech, and one that presents programming to Americans that is both balanced and unbiased.

There are several actions I am asking you to consider taking to help restore free speech to PBS at both the national and local levels. They essentially involve suggestions for making PBS more accountable, and options for forcing the issue should they continue to resist implementing these important reforms. Please see this link for the specifics http://Creationists.org/pbsevolutionism.html#endcensorship.

Thank you for considering my comments.

The Young Earth Creation Club

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