Let Ohio Governor Bob Taft know that you don't want him
to support evolution as fact in Ohio Schools

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As things stand right now, the most recent draft copy of the new science standards will require public schools and private Christian chartered schools to teach evolution is fact.  There are no provisions whatsoever in the current wording that allows for any opposing scientific arguments to evolution.  See the current draft standards at this link:


Governor Taft has not publicly stated his position, but according to this e-mail (below) from a well placed insider he is privately in favor of continuing the censorship of opposing scientific views to evolution.  We have also heard that he is quietly lobbying his 11 appointees to the State Board of Education to support an evolution only approach that excludes both Intelligent Design and the "Teach the Controversy (TTC) approaches.
Two scientific polls show Ohioans strongly support Intelligent Design

Cleveland Plain Dealer poll

Zogby poll (PDF document)

As of the end of August, 2002, the Ohio Department of Education (ODOE) has received 17,347 phone calls, letters and/or e-mails about the proposed new science standards. Two sets of the analysis of these results exist. One is accurate, one is skewed. Depending upon which one you believe, either 74% or 96% want an end to the censorship of scientific evidence against evolution in Ohio's schools. Either way, it's overwhelming in favor of ending the censorship. So far, the SBE has not released either set of results to the public on their web site or to the media as far as we can tell.

Counts as of 8/31/2002  New

Dr. Robert Lattimer explains why one set of results are skewed, and what "teach the controversy" means  

Accurate counts as of the end of 6/30/2002  (PDF document)  

Skewed counts as of 6/30/2002 (PDF document)


See this Legal Opinion from the Christian Law Association that explains why it is legal to teach the opposing scientific arguments to evolution. Christian legal organizations exist that may provide free legal assistance to school boards who want to teach the opposing views, but who are afraid to because of harassment by the ACLU. See this link for an example of such an organization. 

Please contact Governor Taft to let him know that you demand he listen to the will of the people who elected him, not elitist scientists who are in favor of force-feeding one-sided atheistic evolutionism to our public school children. Also contact or cc: Elizabeth Ross on anything you send to the governor (she prefers e-mail contacts but will accept phone calls). It is important to note that most scientists today are atheists or agnostics, and that this is a major reason why they support the continued censorship of anything that opposes evolution.  Evolution is so appealing to agnostics and atheists because it is rooted in the atheistic philosophies of naturalism and materialism. Please let the governor know that he will not have your support this or future elections if he continues his support of this censorship of scientific evidence from Ohio children. 

Click here for suggested talking points in your letters, e-mails and phone calls

Phone:  614-466-3555
E-mail:  Governor.Taft@das.state.oh.us
Mail:  Governor Bob Taft
30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6117

Elizabeth Ross
Special Assistant on Education to the governor


Governor Taft's Campaign Management Team

Also, please send copies to the following organizations:

Ohio State Board of Education

Ohio Board of Regents

Ohio Senate Education Committee

Ohio House Education Committee

Your own Ohio General Assembly members (House and Senate)
(this link contains all of their e-mail addresses)

Here is the e-mail we received about Governor Taft's behind the scenes efforts to work against the will of the people of Ohio:

Advocates for Unbiased Science Standard

The Ohio Board of Education will be considering the Science Standards at their next meeting on September 9, 2002. As many of you are aware the present draft of the Science Standards presents an "evolution only" , perspective that requires all students (even those at Private or Religious School) to know only one side of this issue. Evolution is treated as fact, and something that all scientists believe in. Students are to be tested, under the proposed new standards as "knowing that all of today's life evolved from a single ancestral form. As you and I know, evolution is indeed the dominant theory among elite scientists, although scientists continue to debate the mechanisms and evolutionary trees, and other aspects of evolution (e.g. gradualism versus punctuated equilibrium, all from a simple common cell, that branched into the three branches of life, or a more complex version recently proposed by Carl Woese [Science, June 21,2002].

Unfortunately while these debates take place among elite scientists our children are taught to believe evolution as fact, despite recent debate among some scientists as to whether or not current evolutionary theory with its presumption of blind undirected forces can indeed sufficiently explain the diversity of life around us.

Those of us that are in favor of a more balanced approach to the science standards support a "teach the controversy perspective". While not mandating the teaching of Intelligent Design, we support an additional new standard that would require students to know about evolution, but also to know the current scientific critiques of the theory as well. We believe this approach is most consistent with the scientific process of open inquiry. Unfortunately the elite scientific community is very threatened by this idea- and has strongly advocated to policy makers including the Governor, the State Department of Education, and to Board Members that Ohio must support an "evolution as fact- evolution only curriculum.".

We need to communicate to the Governor's office the voice of the people.

Ohio's science standards should reflect the will of the people- the people who support and pay for the education in this state- Ohio's taxpayers.

Without your voice heard we will not have fair and balanced science standards. It is imperative that you make your voice known to our Governor, Bob Taft. Governor Taft has appointed the majority(10) of the present 19 member Ohio State Board of Education. He must know how strongly Ohioans feel about this issue. Since he is up for re-election in November it is vital to let him know how strongly you feel about this issue. He has not publicly stated his views on this issue, but has quietly told Statehouse insiders that he will "side with elite science".. Please let him know that you do not want an evolution only set of science standards.

Your voice is needed - Contact him by calling Governor Bob Taft at 614-466-3555.

Please be polite, but firm on your position.

He needs to know that you will not support him if he does not support Ohioans on this issue.