Working Draft
Most Frequently Asked Questions About the
Common Expectations (received by us in early April, 2000)

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l. Why are the Common Expectations important? Will any additional changes be made in the Common Expectations?

2.Are the Common Expectations a new test?

3.How are the Common Expectations different than what we currently do?

4.Why are common expectations developed for math, science, social studies, foreign language, art and English - but not for other areas of study?

5.What benefit will the Common Expectations be to students? To parents? To teachers?

6.Are the Common Expectations for all students? Or only those planning to attend college after high school?

7.How do the Common Expectations prepare students for the workforce?

8.Do students have to know everything outlined in the Common Expectations? What if a student doesn't have exposure to some of the material?

9.How will the schools prepare students for these expectations?

10.How will student performance on the Common Expectations be evaluated at the end of 12th grade? Will it become the 12th grade proficiency test? What about the current 12th grade test?

11. Will teachers and school districts be evaluated based upon the performance of students against the Common Expectations?

12.How will parents and teachers learn about the Common Expectations?

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