Oral Testimony given on April 11, 2000 to the the Ohio
Board of Education concerning the Common Expectations

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  The audio recordings below are of testimony given to the Ohio State Board of Education (SBE) on April 11, 2000. In some cases, the recordings contain both the actual testimony, as well as comments and/or questions by the board afterwards. Because there are about 20 microphones that feed into this recording, the quality of the sound is sometimes marginal. There are occasions where conversations between board members are recorded at the same time the testimony is being given, making some parts of the testimony difficult to hear. When the transcripts become available, they'll contain links to some of the documents and descriptions of other materials (i.e. a science video) there were referenced in some of the testimonies.
Audio Streamed Testimony Transcript  
Dr. Joseph Francis - Biologist (9:10 mins.)
(presented by David Guthrie, age 15)
In progress Creationist
Joseph Guthrie - Senior Chemist (6:27 mins.) In progress Creationist
William Hunmon - President, Ohio Academy
of Science ( 5:23 mins.)
In progress Evolutionist
Hugh Miller - Senior Chemist (11:04 mins.) In progress Creationist (2)
Mary Stout - Teacher (9:19 mins.) In progress Unknown (3)
1. In the oral testimony, the statement "The NAS is an organization that is well represented by the education community" should have been read as "well respected".
2. The video that Mr. Miller gave to the board is one we'll be airing on our Creation Science TV program. It is titled, "Evolution: Fact or Belief?" To find out when it will air, click here.
3. For more information about the topic she spoke on, see The Myth of the Separation of Church and State.
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