American Marines claim that miracles from God saved 
their lives during the early battles of the Iraq war

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Marine chaplain Lieutenant Carey Cash, chaplain to the First Battalion, 5th Marine regiment, part of the first ground force to enter Iraq, says there is no doubt that God was with them. In his new book, "A Table in the Presence," Cash gives his first-hand account of how God was not only moving in the hearts of the troops, but miraculously shielded them from the massive array of weapons poised to stop them.

I watched Lt. Cash being interviewed during a Christian Broadcast network program and was amazed at the incidents he was recalling from soldiers who had experienced it first-hand.  Here are a few examples:

There are two links on the internet that talk about some of these miracles.  However, Chaplain Cash's book about them goes into more details.  

Here are two links where Chaplain Cash discusses some of the incidents during news interviews:

Here's how to order his book if you want to read more about this:


How to pray

One thought that came to mind after reading about these seemingly miraculous incidents is why these soldiers were spared when others were not.  I certainly don't claim to know the mind of God, but I can't help but to wonder if it had something to do with the way the soldiers and the people stateside who prayed for them were praying.  God hears all of our prayers, but he has spelled out in the Bible how he prefers that we pray to him.  I read an excellent book about this that I'd like to recommend to anyone who who wants to learn to pray more effectively.  This book might be a good gift to give to our soldiers who are in harms way in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.  It would make a good gift for their families too.


Title:      The Power in Prayer
Author:  Charles Spurgeon
ISBN:    0883684411

Here's a link that does several price comparisons for this book to help you choose the best place to purchase it.  It's searching about 60 web sites for the best prices so it may take a minute or so to display the results after you click on the link.