Is America being chastised by God?

Part 7:  Was Rev. Falwell being insensitive? 

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These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.
Titus 2:15

Since Rev. Falwell's first made these comments, the news media has had a field day attacking him and the "Christian right" in general.  It is obvious from listening to this criticism that the overwhelming majority of it is coming from those are quite uninformed about, or who are unwilling to accept what God's Word has to say on this matter of His character.  These misguided people are fond of talking about God's mercy and love.  However what they often overlook, I suspect intentionally, is His justice, wrath and chastisement.  It's no secret that He has these characteristics as well.  He tells us about them in several Bible verses so there's no excuse for not knowing about them if one claims to be a Christian, or claims to understand what the God of the Bible is like.

One can imagine how poorly a father would be viewed if he never disciplined his children.  Can you further imagine how awful his children would grow up to be?  It's the same with God, except on a much larger scale.  What happened with these terrorist events as bad as they were, are small potatoes compared to what God has done in the past to other nations when they refused to turn from their wickedness.  Remember the global flood in Noah's day?  It is estimated that billions of people were killed during that event.  And like our secular media today, they responded in Noah's day to God's warnings about His chastisement with indignation.  Noah was also mocked much the same way that Rev. Falwell is being mocked today.  But in the end Noah was right.  And in this case, so is Rev. Falwell (he addressed half of the problem; see comments below).

Maybe the timing of Rev. Falwell's statements could have been a little better, but I suspect that no matter when he would have spoken the truths he did he would have been maligned for doing so.  He also made the mistake of not including the sins of Christians in with the other groups he discussed.  Rev. Falwell has apologized for his comments.  However, I think that in spite of that, we need to recognize that what he said has been said in churches across the nation for years.  What he said was the truth, just not the whole truth.


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