Is America being chastised by God?

Part 5: God's suffering 

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The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 
2 Peter 3:9

Anyone who has been through a traumatic experience because of the behavior of one of their children knows how stressful that can be.  If your child committed a robbery and killed someone, as a parent it would affect you deeply.  If you had ten children, but only one of them ever bothered to call you or visit you, the loneliness you might experience would hurt very much.  Now imagine you have billions of children, and you've been the head of your family for 6,000 years.  Then imagine further that ALL of them cause you this kind of stress by their displays of anger, hatred and rebelliousness towards you at one time or another.  Yes, a small percentage of these billions of children are pretty good (as God defines "good") most of the time, but most aren't.  

It is difficult to imagine what it must be like for God to have to deal with a nation like ours.  Non-Christian nations like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Kuwait, Yemen, Turkey and many others that follow and promote false gods and false prophets bring God much suffering and severely try His patience. Because they do not have the truth, and for the most part refuse to accept it, we expect them in general to suffer a terrible fate on Judgment Day, and in some cases even before then according to Bible prophecies.  But America is a nation that is supposed to know better. Our founding fathers intended for this nation to be a Christian nation whose primary purpose was to spread the good news about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  While a lot of good work is still being done by Christians today in this country, for the most part, we are drifting farther away from the Biblical truths that made us strong.  

When I think about the mountains of grievous sins America commits against God every hour, it is completely beyond my comprehension how He is able to hold Himself back from just destroying us once and for all. I don't mean to suggest that America is more deserving of this than the non-Christian nations listed above.  Clearly what God may do to those nations (and others like them) who promote their false gods and false prophets will be a result of his wrath and hatred for them. According to His holy Word the Bible, he clearly considers them to be His enemy. What I'm talking about as far as America is concerned is God's chastisement.  Chastisement is something He does to discipline those who He loves when they refuse to repent and turn away from their wickedness.  In II Peter, God addresses this issue of why He allows Himself to suffer so much (see verse above).  The primary reason is to give us the opportunity to repent of our sins.  This includes the minority of people who will be converted to Christianity in primarily non-Christian countries.


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